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Manufacturing of CPVC Lined FRP Piping for the Chlorine Production Industry

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Manufacturing of CPVC Piping
Manufacturing of CPVC Piping
iping for the Chlorine Production Industry
iping for the Chlorine Production Industry
Custom Manufacturing of CPVC Piping
Custom Manufacturing of CPVC Piping

When a company in the chlorine production industry needed components for a fluid transmission system, they turned to us at B & D Plastics, LLC. The project included some challenging geometries within the system, but we rose to the challenge and held the dimensions to demanding tolerances. In fact, the customer commented that every piece of the system fit like a glove and that the installation was a breeze.

This system featured piping that was all located below decks, which presents obvious problems if maintenance issues arise. To combat this issue we designed the system with a CPVC CorzanĀ® liner, which provides corrosion resistance in the chlor alkali industry. Components varied in diameter, from 6" to 12", and were approximately 2000' in length; they also featured a gel coat finish to add even greater durability. For more information on this project, or to learn what B&D Plastics can fabricate for you contact us directly.

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Highlights of a CPVC Piping Manufacturing Project

CPVC Piping Manufacturing This CPVC chlorine Cell Liquor Headers are used for fluid transmission in the chlorine production process
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Designed Piping to Meet Client Specifications
  • Generate CAD Drawings
  • Submit Design for Clients Approval
  • Machine Butt Fusion of CPVC Joints
  • Hand Layup per ASTM 4097
Overall Part Dimensions Diameters:
Ø 6.00"
Ø 8.00"
Ø 10.00"
Ø 12.00"
Length: Approximately 2,000 Feet
Material Used Hetron FR992 Fire Retardant Resin System in the Structure 
Liner: CPVC Corzan®
Material Finish C-Veil Exterior with Gel Coat
Application Temperature 160°F
Features/Benefits CPVC Corzan® Provides Corrosion Resistance
Challenging to Manufacture Geometries
Industry for Use Chlorine Production
Delivery Location Louisiana
Standards Met Customer supplied specification and requirements
Product Name Piping/Chlorine Cell Liquor Headers in CPVC Lined FRP

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