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Manufacturing of a Process Vessel for the Pollution Control Industry

Manufacturing of a Hetron Lined Process Vessel
Custom Manufacturing of a Hetron Lined Process Vessel
Process Vessel for the Polution Control Industry

B&D Plastics, LLC was contracted by the pollution control industry client to undertake this custom process vessel manufacturing project. The vessel was designed to be used as part of a system for the treatment of landfill leachate using evaporation system. We were chosen due to the customer's confidence in our ability to produce the system turn-key with a fully integrated, portable skid mounted evaporator and scrubber unit.

The vessels were hand lay-up on custom molds, and measured 8' / 6" high x 40' long, including pumps and process equipment. As part of our comprehensive process, we provided operating and maintenance documentation, installed all interface wiring, instrumentation and controls, and tested the system functions at our Ocean Springs, MS facility.

The customer was very satisfied with the units, which they described as rugged, consolidated, and with fully integrated capabilities. To learn more about B&D Plastics and our capabilities, please contact us.

Highlights of a Process Vessel/Evaporator System Manufacturing Projects

Process Vessel/Evaporator System Manufacturing This process vessel is used for the treatment of landfill leachate using evaporation and scrubbing system. This system is one of three that are currently being tested around the country with success.
Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Designed Tank to Meet Client Specifications
  • Generate CAD Drawings
  • Submit Design for Clients Approval


  • Filament Wound per ASTM D3299
  • Hand Lay-up per ASTM D-4097


  • Install Interface Wiring, Instrumentation and Controls


  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Includes Installation Instructions
  • Includes Shut Down Instructions
Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 40'

Width: 8' - 6"

Height: 8" - 6"

Material Used


Liner: Hetron 922

Material Finish Gel Coat
Application Temperature 160 °F

System Reduces Emissions at Landfills

Operates on Natural Gas Produced and Tapped from Waste Material Decomposition

End User has Reduced the Amount of Waste that has to be Disposed by 80%

Saves Time and Money

Skid Mounted So System Can Be Trailer Mounted for Mobility

Built to Withstand Multiple Transports and Mobilizations

In process testing/Inspection performed System Testing Completed at Our Facility
Industry for Use Pollution Control/Waste Elimination
Delivery Location Indiana
Standards Met Customer supplied specification and requirements
Product Name Process Vessel/Evaporator System

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