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Manufacturing of a PVC Chemical Storage Tank for the Specialty Chemical Industry

A customer in the specialty chemical industry commissioned B&D Plastics, LLC to manufacture two custom PVC storage tanks for a monochloroacidic application. The customer supplied us with initial 2D CAD drawings, which allowed us to design a tank that would meet all of their specifications.

Custom Manufacturing of a PVC Chemical Storage Tank

The 5875 gallon tank was composed of PVC with a steel liner, and would provide storage of chemicals up to 160 °F. We chose PVC because its easier to insulate and featured very good strength and thermal properties. The finished tank which was 13' in height, with an outside diameter of 12'-9", was finished with paint and a gel coating, then shipped to our customer's location in Louisiana.

Both tanks have been in service with this customer for six years to date, providing maintenance free service. For more information on this project, see the table below or contact us directly.

PVC Storage Tank Manufacturing Capabilities

PVC Storage Tank Manufacturing This chemical storage tank is used within a monochloroacidic acid storage application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Designed Tank to Meet Client Specifications
  • Generate CAD Drawings
  • Submit Design for Clients Approval Manufacturing
Overall Part Dimensions

I.D.: 12'-9"

Height: 13'-0"

Capacity: 5,875 Gallons

Material Used

3/16" PVC

FRP with 3/16" PVC Line

Material Finish Gel Coat
Application Temperature 140 °F

Best Material for the Service

Easier to Insulate and Maintain at Required Temperatures

Industry for Use Specialty Chemical
Delivery Location Louisiana
Standards Met Customer supplied specification, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name MCA Storage Tank

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